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ICAW - Indiana Council for Animal WelfareThe breeders below are hand-picked based on their commitment to adhering to the standards of the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare (ICAW), in conjunction with Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine Center for Animal Welfare Science.

Purdue University - College of Veterinary Medicine - Center for Animal Welfare ScienceThe pups raised by these breeders are handled properly from the first moment of their life to the moment they reach their new forever home full of love and fun. Your home!

1 healthy puppy = fun 4 life!

You can only have fun if your new pup is healthy.

Priority #1 is that approved immediate and ongoing healthcare protocols are followed for all newborn puppies. Proper handling procedures are stricly followed by the breeders listed below, from the moment the pups are born until each one is handed over to their new loving caretakers.

Priority #2 is family. The breeding environments all of the family-owned breeders below provide for newborn pups is the very same as it is for their own pets. You can count on that and be the beneficiary of that only if you buy a puppy from a family-owned breeder who meets the very highest standards of care -- based on science -- and love, of course.

puppy breeders you can trust 4 sure!

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