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Rescued by Rover starring Blair, the first dog star in the movies

This 1905 classic British short film by Cecil Hepworth features Blair, the first canine star in the movies. This short film takes less than 7 minutes to tell the tale of the heroic Rover. Major props to Blair for his award-worthy performance.

It's unfortunate they didn't start handing out Oscars until 1929, because Blair surely deserves one for "Best Lead Actor." In fairness, Mr. Hepworth did an excellent job as the creator of the first film featuring a dog, but he could have thrown in a few close-ups of that very cute collie.  

This historic film became a huge hit and was remade a year later. Read why there's a second version and watch it below—for more fun!

Rescued by Rover - 1906 remake starring Blair

In 1906, British film maker Cecil Hepworth remade his original movie released in 1905, Rescued by Rover, because the original master reels were damaged. We believe there may have been another reason.

The movie's very cute lead character collie was played by Blair, the very first dog star of film. We pointed out, in our blurb above about the original version, the lack of close-ups as a shortcoming, so we suspect the remake was to include the new first scene -- a close-up of the adorable hero, Rover, and the equally adorable baby he rescued. 

After this film became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Rover became a very popular name for dogs in the USA and UK. For more furry fun facts and info about Blair, Hepworth's family, and why the film had to be remade, jump to The First 10 Famous Dogs in Hollywood.

If there's ever a Mt. Rushmore for dog stars, Blair deserves his granite face of fame, as the first of the all-time great canine actors. Bravo, Blair! 

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