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Where the North Begins starring Rin Tin Tin

Rescued from a battlefield in France by an American World War I veteran, Rin Tin Tin appeared in his first film, The Man from Hell's River, in 1922. The German Shepherd became an instant dog star with his first leading role in Where the North Begins, which was released in 1923. It was the third of the 29 movies he performed in through 1931.

In addition to huge box office sales, Rin Tin Tin movies were so popular that his merchandise generated significant additional revenue for Warner Brothers studio. And when television came along, a whole new generation of families became enthralled with this heroic dog in the 1950s, but we'll show an episode of that series and discuss the original Rin Tin Tin's successors in a separate article. Thanks to the Silent Hall of Fame for posting this fun dog film from the era of silent movies.

Poster for Where the North Begins (1923). Warner Bros.
Lithograph by Otis Lithograph, Cleveland.

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